northstar moc
MOC SS Northstar - Trade Only

Card has some wear.  Please see pictures
dancing butterflies
Dancing Butterflies

several light marks, line on back of right rear leg

Hair: getting fluffy, tail rust at base

Symbol: excellent

Eyes: left eyelashes smeared


Locket #1

Body: faded black spots on her front left leg, smooze on rump and back of neck, light smooze on right side

Hair: frizzy, light pink is still pink

Symbol: very good

Eyes: rubbing to iridescent paint and eyelashes


Locket #2

Body: good, small black mark on back of next, a couple light marks, no smooze

Hair: fluffy, frizzy, light pink is still pink

Symbol: excellent

Eyes: very good, slight rub to iridescent paint, not to eye plastic though


Sweet Pop

Body: couple light highlighter spots, several small marks

Hair: frizzy

Symbol: left side has brown mark on one of the pops, right side has thin white paint line on one of the pops

Eyes: good, light rub to iridescent paint



Body: slight yellowing and discoloration, several small marks

Hair: ends are frizzy, bangs are trimmed to 1"

Symbol: good

Eyes: good


Northstar (SS)

Body: dingy, rubs to ears, wings, nose, mouth, hoof tips

Hair: good, mane seems thin, but it is uncut, end of tail is frizzy