Body: couple small brown dots

Hair: very good, still pink but not as vivid pink as some

Symbol: good


Lickety Split

Body: very good

Hair: a little on the fluffy/unruly side, but in curls and still pink

Symbol: good, factory flaw of added white spot on right side



Body: very good

Hair: excellent

Symbol: very good



Body: very good

Hair: a little on the fluffy/unruly side, but in good curls

Symbol: right side stars are starting to bleed a little


Sky Rocket

Body: dirt marks on head, puncture (not all the way through) on nose and lip, plastic is ruffed up/worn down on left front hoof

Hair: frizzy

Symbol: faded

Eyes: left eye has some wear



Body: dingy, small rubs to hoof tips and tops of ears, rub at right side of neck joint

Hair: coarse ends


Merry Treat

Hair: coarse ends, getting slightly frizzy

Body: dirt speckles on left side of nose, pink “blush” spot on right shoulder, faded blue pen mark under symbol on right side, faded blue pen mark on head

Symbol: three rubs to right side, small blue paint mark and small rub on left side



Hair: course ends, getting frizzy

Body: dingy, nose and ears dingiest looking, orange stain on back of rear right leg, rub at neck joint, small rub on tip of left front hoof


Skippety Doo

Hair: curled, but frizzy

Body: dingy, flocking thin on body, rubs on hoof edges



Hair: some hair (20 or 30 strands) of last plug of main trimmed to 1", end of tail frizzy

Body: several small marks, light brown dot under mane

Symbol: good, light rubbing on left side

Eyes: right eye is scraped, left eye has light scraping