Paradise Estate

Click on thumbnail for more detailed pictures. Structure is in good, played-with condition. Canopy over pool is broken. Most plants are there, probably 5 or so that are missing. Ceiling fans are in all four rooms. Some fading to roofs. Stickers are in played with condition, some loose edges. I don't know if they are all there or if they are all in the correct locations.

UK Schoolhouse - MIB - Trade or Sale, make an offer

The box has been opened to check contents.  Baggies are still sealed.  All stickers are unapplied and schoolhouse is unassembled.  Box has some wear. 

Show Stable Bed

Good condition

Dream Castle Tables

Good condition


Diaper Changing Tables

Yellow and Green, in good condition.


Loose Accessories

All in good condition except Megan's dress (sleeves are tearing).

Still available: Drink n' Wet Bottle, Drink n' Wet Diaper, Purple Saddle, White Hat, Megan's Dress, Blue Bib, Yellow Tutu for Ballerina Pony.

Drummer's Red & White Bandana - will trade for a Big Brother Bandana (any besides Salty's) or Big Brother Hat (only need Tex's, Steamer's, or Barnacle's)


MOC Sweet Dreams - $10 or trade

Card in fair to poor condition, bubble yellow


MOC Baby Pony Wear – Clown Suit and Bathrobe - $10 or trade

Card in good condition, clear bubble